Facebook Status in English

Facebook Status in English

Facebook Status in English. Hello world, as all of you know that onesclick.com always comes with amazing best quotes, captions, status for social sites. If you like Facebook or social media status you can use those status.

Facebook Status

Facebook Status in English

Only you can touch my heard  

Sometimes you have to move far away from your loved ones to be better.

Love is such a thing that can make good and bad and good. 

Have you ever tried it?

People do things for love, sometimes they forget their own existence, just to get a little love! ❣️

How can you forget me so easily, I have not forgotten you, I have kept you in my heart ♡ ♥💕😘❤❤️

Dear you are mixed in my blood ❤️ I can't live even a second without you ❤

life means moving towards death. So enjoy every second. Remained it.

Never harm others if you cannot benefit them.If you harm others, you harm yourself.

You can never buy three things. Happiness, Respect, Good character & Love. 😎

Only pain and pain on the road to love,

I am thinking of opening a medical shop on that road because it will work.

Each man needs to experience passionate feelings for once, with the goal that he can comprehend the reason why not to adore.

When human language becomes helpless, tears speak.

Facebook Status in English

"To be in love with the same person many times is a sign of true love ~ Bratton."

"Some close people are knowingly sprinkling salt on the cut wounds. No problem. One day this salt will turn into sugar."

"The more secret the love, the deeper the love ~ Humayun Ahmed."

“There is no such thing as second, third, fourth, fifth love. When a man falls in love, every love is a first love ~ Humayun Azad.”

“Quiet people have the biggest hearts 💓!

“There are only two ways to be happy, change the situation or your attitude towards it!”

"I love my haters, because they made me famous!"

"Money can do everything in the world, but it can't save life" Remember it.

"Learn to forgive people, then you will see that you can reach your goals"

"Life's greatest triumph is to show that,

What everyone thought you could never do." 😎 

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